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Posted By: piznac
09/09/2012 03:30 - 09/09/2012 06:30

With what I heard was a steller run last Sunday on KP HM, we now have a second healz at full rakata level. With this I feel confident in rolling this one relatively easy.

And with the new operation on it's way,. hell it's about that time. I'm ready for some campaign gear,.. how about you guys?


  • Galvis
    pizzy will be there.
  • PrChaos
    I'll be there as usual on my tank hoping for some gear. Woot.
  • stark88
    ill be there with my sniper
  • Abema
    in like Flynt!
  • Abema
    in like Flynt!
  • wj0912
    Should be thier with my DPS
  • Jango
    Fo shizzle my wizzles, Livefire got the Rakatizzles. Ok, I'm not even sure where I was going for that, but yea, I'll be there :P