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Posted By: PrChaos
08/12/2012 15:30 - 08/12/2012 18:00

Denova Story Mode is on the cards again this Sunday and last week wasn't much of a success. Let's hope this coming Sunday will be better.

Murley will be leading this op. That's Abema on the forums for those who don't know. What he says goes. If he says CC the adds and focus on one, thats what will happen. If he says run into the fight and pull your dick around... That's what will happen. No questions asked.

See ya Sunday.



  • Stark the sniper ready
  • Galvis
    I'll be there
  • Livefire
    Bringing the healshots as always... provided the Vorgath patch is patched before then >.>
  • PrChaos
    I hope I'm there for this one... But it's my mum's birthday on Sunday and we're going for a few drinks at my local. I'll do my best to be around.
  • Abem
    bad Abema... didn't RSVP! Bad! I should be there - any role (most likely my tank).