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Posted By: PrChaos
07/08/2012 15:30 - 07/08/2012 17:30

We haven't yet attempted Karagga's Palace on Hard Mode yet. So this Sunday will be the day we go for it guys.

Please RSVP if you can or cannot make it and which character you intend to bring. Usual start time. 3.30 PM EST.

See ya Sunday!



  • wj0912
    should be thier with my DPS Wjo
  • bigz
    kamino DPS ( i know the fire fight quite well)
  • galvis
    A healing I will go,. a healing I will go
  • Abema
    I plan on being there yet again - prefer DPS but willing to Tank or Heal
  • Jango
    I'll be there filling your face with sticky green goodness as usual. :)
  • Chaos
    Available on my tank or DPS. Although I'm guessing it will be my tank... ;)