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Explosive Conflict - Story Mode

07/21/2012 15:30 - 07/21/2012 18:00

Congrats on finally completing KP Hard Mode guys!

I think a few people are itching to get a taste of Denova - Story Mode... So normal time, this coming Sunday is the day guys. If anyone knows any of the boss fights at all... Please post links on the forums as I have no experience with this op at all.

Also... It's very short notice but for those people available tonight... We want to run a nice and easy Eternity Vault - Hard Mode. This is to try and help those people who have yet to get any gear (Tanks mainly!) from Hard Mode ops.

If you're around tonight, please be on around 6.30 PM EST so that we can start as early as possible. It's 11:30 PM my time and I don't wanna be messing around waiting for a 1:00 AM start time since I tomorrow is a busy day for me. (Graduation and all that jazz)

Other than that... See you all Sunday at 3.30 PM EST!


Hard Mode Karagga's Palace

07/08/2012 15:30 - 07/08/2012 17:30

We haven't yet attempted Karagga's Palace on Hard Mode yet. So this Sunday will be the day we go for it guys.

Please RSVP if you can or cannot make it and which character you intend to bring. Usual start time. 3.30 PM EST.

See ya Sunday!