1. Come to our website as much as you can.
2. Help other guild/clan members, so they can help you.
3. Only leaders have the ability to edit the site, Promotions and recruits will take time to update.
4. Read the Clan/guild History. (Optional, but Recommended)


1. There will be no spying.
2. Promotions are something earned... not asked for. (wait your turn, and someone will notice you)
3. You MUST post on the forum to be a member.
4. You can only be in one clan/guild. If its WRL let it be WRL.
5. Members are all about honor of our clan/guild.
6. You can only be promoted once a week for ranks Recruit through General.
7. We do not cause trouble with other clans. Never go on to a clan website and cause trouble of any kind.
8. High rankings or any rankings do NOT give anyone in this clan permission to act on behalf of WRL. WRL is a community, when you speak for it you speak for all its members. This is not your right! You WILL speak to a leader before you make any decisions on behalf of this clan.


The Basics:

- Be polite and courteous.
- Respect others opinions even if you don't agree with them.
- Good spelling and grammar are not required, because not everyone is perfect, but if you could make an attempt to work on it in your posts, that would be cool.
- Avoid foul language as much as possible. A slip up here or there is fine, but don't overdo it. Do not use foul language at all to flame people, though.
- Double Posts and Triple Posts are generally considered a no-no. Accidents do happen and will be forgiven, but avoid them. Unless you have a good reason for doing so.
- No one word posts on boards. We do not generally warn for this, but if it's in excess, or on the same day, and you clearly ignored our verbal warning, we will.
- Don't post huge images (without a clear warning), many of us still use 56k modems. If possible, just link to the image.
- Don't insult or demean people's religion/belief/race/sexual orientation/etc in posts/sigs. Do not use slurs that would relate to peoples sexual beliefs, either.
- Don't reply in poll topics with just the option you voted as the message.
- None of: trolling, flaming, spamming, etc. will be alllowed.
- No posting or linking to offensive material (*Censored*, excessive violence, hate sites, etc.). If you really have to do, post a clear warning.
- No adult activities.
- For the staff: You may NOT abuse your powers. This includes editing others posts for no apparent reason, adding warnings for no reason, etc.
- Avatars: No adult content, excessive violence, or anything that you wouldn't put in a post. Avatars with inappropriate or disturbing material in are highly discouraged and will be removed with a warning for the user.
- Profiles: Same as you would with posts and avatars.
- Avatars must follow the "Is this appropriate?" rule.
- Don't bash other sites.
- Try not to make any posts that already exist. If there is one in the history somewhere, ask a mod if you can bump it! We might approve of bumping if you ask us!

Warnings for:

- Certain things of the above.
- Flaming
- Trolling
- Excessive spam (outside of the spam board)
- Bumping/reviving incredibly old topics (Forgiven if given permission by a moderator / administrator, and with the exception of Historical Documents)
- Insulting or demeaning people's religion/belief/race/sexual orientation/etc. in sigs/ posts.
- Ignoring Moderator PMs. We send them for a reason.
- Pointless and excessive profanity.
- Moderators will be warned for all of the above, along with abusing their powers.


You will be banned for:
- Multiple Warnings.
- Nasty Flamings.
- Coming back after being banned. (Without Administrator permission)
- Being or imitating Short Stuff. You should not have a name with Short Stuff in it, period. No exceptions.
- Soliciting.

The only way you would be able to come back after being banned is with Administrator permission. Current list of Administrators that you may get permission from include:

- Piznac
- Sniped
- ^33^Amc (Mr. Carter)
- Numpty
- Bean
- Zach
- aVo

If you need to ask a staff member anything, the moderators who can also assist you are:

- Assassin
- Murphy
- Matt
- Gunner
- p17
- Holgi

- JangosAgony (General, Suggestions and Chatting)
- WJ0912 (Gaming)
- Chris (Creativity)
- Abema (Creativity)
- T.F. (Chatting)
- Carbon (Clan Documentation)
- Holgi (Clan Documentation)


    * We [{WRL}Leaders] reserve the right to remove any content (including images) posted by members, if it is found to be offensive/rule-breaking in any way.
    * We reserve the right to suspend or ban any member at anytime or for whatever reason according to the rules and in our sole discretion.
    * If rules are broken, the moderator/administrator handling that situation has the right to decide the penalty according to their own discretion.

Please keep in mind that the moderators/administrators are also members and that we are dedicating our spare time in order to ensure that these forums run smoothly and in the manner that all members have come to expect. Please make sure you treat us the respect we deserve.