History of the Clan: - As of about 2006

It all began on the 27th of december 2005, a day like any other day, yet, in one respect, very different. A young Star Wars BattleFront II player by the name of Max had a vision. His vision was a clan different from all other clans. It would allow friendship with all, yet destroy any who became its enemies. Soon after its creation, the World Rich Leaders, or the {WRL} had recruited 20 members, the Leaders of which were Stemax, the clan founder, Fire, Lord-Vader, and Toktok. Each of these Leaders swore to be forever loyal to the clan, supporting it to the end. Unfortunately, a "disease" came to the clan leaders, and within days, the sole remaining Leader was Stemax. Weeks passed on freewebs, and the destroyed clan grew from seven members to incredible proportions. As it grew, it obtained three new leaders, Sniper, Deep_thought42, and Kami-An-Di.

Those loyal leaders, in addition to Stemax, helped the clan to grow. Sniper recruted about 90 members, and the grand total rose to the magnificent 200. Although most of them were inactive, this was still a major achievement. In fact, many clans have failed to reach 20.

Enter Piznac, an ambitious new member of {WRL}who currently makes a living in website design. He quickly rose to a position of recognition, giving the clan its .com.. Throughout the final months of the Leader's power, Piznac continued to be a powerful figure in the {WRL}, reaching the position of admiral for his troubles..

Unfortunately, the old "disease" that had taken many previous Leaders turned against the {WRL} clan yet again. It led to the sudden disappearence of every single leader. Some went on vacation, some experienced computer troubles, and others left for no apparent reason. Combined with the clearing out of the inactive members on the members list, many thought the clan was dying and proceeded to leave the clan. Some believed this would allow us to weed out the disloyal members, however others believed that this would probably result in clan-wide destruction. Many of the members who chose to abandon the clan, namely Melon and Des#66 went on to start their own clans, neither of which did particularly well. In this moment of chaos, several loyal members remained, constantly posting on the Forums. They were Piznac, French.bread, Bean, Freacon-Scope, Vendetta, Xerro, Nick112, and T.F. These loyal members constantly posted, trying to decide what was to be done about the sudden collapse.

The original group of forum posters survived. Eventually, after much debate, Piznac, Nick112, and T.F. were declared leaders along with a newly returned Stemax, Kami-An-Di, and a doubtful Deep_thought42, who was eventually replaced. Eventually, all leaders who had left the clan returned.

On June 20th, 2006, a gamer named Vansanity, the leader of [VMXL], who were our allies, offered to combine with {WRL}. By the 22nd of that month, a descision was made. [VMXL] would combine with {WRL} to create an even stronger clan. All [VMXL] members would be in a VMXL Team, or VT for short. However, once Vansanity learned that he couldn't have as much power as he wanted, he quit WRL to start a new clan all over again.

However, all these good tidings couldn't last forever. A most kind and noble leader, Kami-an-di felt that his continued position as leader would not be in the best interests of the clan. He resigned, going to the influential position of Elite. Furthering this passing of leaders, Stemax also resigned leadership, assuming the singularly occupational rank of clan founder.

As the days passed, the active leaders began to become agitated. After all, there was a great deal of work involved with managing a clan of such size. After much voting, it was decided that ^33^Amc would take his place among the leaders.

Thus, the clan enjoys the type of stability it once did. With stronger and more powerful leaders, however, it is sure to survive long into the future.

And suddenly, out of the blue, Stemax returned. His presence is providing {WRL} with an even higher morale boost then it had already had.

At around this point in time, Elites began agitating for a new rank, one that would allow them to continue their upward climb. After much debate, the rank of Master was created, with ridiculously high standards. Interestingly enough, the Elites then proceeded to complain that it was too difficult, but the rank stuck. Slowly, the Masters trickled in. Darth_Numpty_Boy (as we shall forever know him) was the first, followed closely by Assassin, and then Bly.

Another normal day, isn't that how these always happen? Several loyal members woke up, and immediately rushed to the forums. Something was off, however. For some reason, they were missing 50-200 posts, and the more recent posts looked suspiciously similar. As it turned out an ex WRL RS member had placed a code in the RS guestbook which poped up a window stopping the RS section from functioning. Before piznac understand how simple the so called hack was he had backed up the website. Resulting in the loss of a couple of days of data. After seeing the problem, piznac increased the security of the RS section so this would not happen again.

As time passed, {WRL} proceeded to grow to mighty proportions. However, we soon realized that, in order to keep members entertained, we needed to work on a Duel Cup. The most loyal members available were chosen to compete for the coveted title of "Duel Master." Unfortunately, we were never able to see the true finish, as Deep_thought42 defeated Ender by default, as Ender was forced to resign as a result of not being present. Thus, T.F. moved up into second place, also by default, leaving third place vacant and unoccupied. Following its wild success, two new cups, the Space Cup and the Race Cup, were put into the works in early January, 2007.

Unfortunately, more members means more that will be disloyal, and in November of 2006, {WRL}Christian abandoned {WRL} to join AOH. He then left them, returned, to {WRL}, left {WRL}, warred with {WRL}, and had several clans utterly demolished due to his incompetence. Regrettably, Nero, Ender, and Nightmare also left to restart JEDI in early January of 2007.

The {WRL} Console History

For many months did the rumors, hopes, and eventual serious discission linger in the {WRL} forums about the idea that had everyone wondering about the direction their clan would go in. Should the World Renowed Legion branch out and support home gaming consoles? Once thought as a joke to most of the community became a true debate when member Patrick started the "An Xbox 360 WRL Too?" on the General Discussion Thread. The debate became a bigger issue then expected what with all the heat this idea was getting from so many members and people seemed to choose sides about the matter.

It was an argument between supporters and non-supporters, but that is generaly just another way of saying it was an argument between console owners and non-console owners. Non-supporters argued that it would be to much of a hassle to have members be both dedicated to a PC and a console. Not that they had a crusade against {WRL} being in the 360 and ect, but they were unsure of our willingness to follow through with the idea and didn't want it to be a failure and a waste of time. Another issue was about recruitment , would there be any, or would it just be appeasing the members of {WRL} who already own a console and want to play together? All were good points, but the supporters refuted with the facts of many console clans having websites of their own and easily working with both console and PC. Recriutment would be a tad more difficult, but communication, like with Xbox Live having voice chat, would be mich more simple then just messaging each other during a game. Perhaps there were members do "did" want their clan to support consoles just for the sake of them owning one, but when everyone got down to the straight facts, there wasn't any true reason to keep our clan from giving it a shot.

The Leaders of the clan went into a private discission and voted on the matter to decide the fate of the consoles while the rest of the gaming community waited at the edge of their seats in anticipation. Then finally on October 3rd 2007 the Leaders posted their decision and declared that the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii were now open to all {WRL} members to branch into, recriut, support, and play. The supporters were jubilant.

he Xbox 360/Halo 3

Even before the Leaders made their decision on the consoles the members who owned Xbox Live had already made up their minds on what game they would start with. Halo 3 with its shining reputation as the biggest game to hit the 360, if not the gaming world to date, was the most obvious choice to both supporters and nay sayers. The more active Live members aVo, butwipe(now called chupathingy), Patrick, and Assassin started to play together on occasion, but for over 2 months the entire console realm of {WRL} was off to a slow start. Recriutment and activity was much slower than initialy expected, but dispite these setbacks new members started to slowly poar in.

Redratfish was one of the first ones to join in due to the 360 and was soon followed by Buster(full name wont be posted, sorry lol). Then we had the pleasure of recriuting member G OFFF who was one of the more skilled players in the clan. Soon our numbers in Halo 3 grew to a very comfortable number of 20. This is a very good amount considering many clans fail to get even 5 once hey actually get things going.

In December of 2007 member aVo had noticed the clan rule of each game/console was needed to be headed by an appointed leader by the main Leaders of {WRL}. Striving to have better organization in the Halo clan aVo suggested that the Leaders have a vote on the matter. A topic was made, the matter was debated by Leaders and members alike, and the final conclusion was made. To no one's suprise, aVo was voted to be the leader of the {WRL} console branch. aVo didn't seemed to be very suprised either, lol. Soon after with the new leadership appointed the clan outsorced to a Halo 3 clan organization website known as Clantacular.co m and made their name a more known clan within the Halo 3 gamer community and brought in new members. A whole bag of new ideas were also in the works to keep the members happy and active. aVo began construction on maps for a Halo 3 Energy Sword Tournament which is still awaiting the final date and a forgin clan known as the (IGC), International Gaming Community, hmmm catchy, has been interested to have an official skirmish with {WRL}. So now with the {WRL} Halo 3 clan established the future seems to get only brighter and brighter for our gaming community. We can only wonder how far the World Renowned Legion will take this new found universe of gaming.

Xbox 360/Call of Duty 4

The next biggest game for WRL in the 360 was Call of Duty 4. As one of the top 3 most popular games played on Xbox Live everyone knew that not supporting such a fun game was madness. At first when the Console Branch of this clan was founded most of it's members consentrated most of their time to Halo 3. Due to it's popularity and hype at the time the list of priorites fixing on game establishment was obvious. However the time came when we had a firm grasp on Halo 3 and then shifted our attention to CoD4. CoD4 in terms of realizim and entertainment rivaled Halo 3 in nearly all catagories save File Share.

The photorealistic graphics coupled with the intence single player and multiplayer everyone who is a fan of the series knows an loves was a the metaphorical shining city atop a hill when it came to first person shooters and WRL dove head first into it AK47's blazing, UAV's ringing, and random nades falling from the sky like rain. The majority of 360 owners in the clan had a copy of CoD4 and a few of those who didn't happily pulled out the $60 needed to get it. However our recriutment on the 360, due to just pure circumstance, was mostly found in Halo 3 due to the fact our numbers in CoD4 was nearly identical to it since most of us owned it anyway. Eventually though, during a period of general inactivity and disorganizatio n Console Leader aVo desided that a new leader was needed to head this particular game. It was a close desicion, but finally aVo chose Nick to become CoD4 game captain. Since then we have been exposed to more clans and groups than we had before in CoD4 and plans of skirmishes have become increasingly more frequent.


History with The [V] clan:

It started with a guy named: Jourian, also called darkjootje or, as most know him Theseus.

This story begins some time before that, when Theseus was still a member of the {WRL}. After many months of being in the clan, he finally achieved the position of leadership. All other leaders agreed with it, exept Stemax. I believe that he knew this would lead to some sort of civil war. Apparently, Stemax was under the impression that Jourian was not a loyal member. The only option, then, was to boot the now Theseus. Jourian was everything but happy with this new arrangement. He had been mostly loyal to {WRL} clan for nearly two months, however once he was made a leader, and was discovered as a spy, he was booted. So, he started up his own clan, the {UTP}. His only mission: Destroy {WRL}, and make the {UTP} clan incredibly powerful. He started with some of the old leaders of the {WRL}, toktok and fire, however they quickly left him, as they had done to the {WRL} previously. After their sudden abandonment, the {UTP} clan was lost. Jourian, however, didn't give up that easy. He made another clan, now known as the [V], or Victory clan. That clan did relatively well, until they switched to version 1.1. However, they still had the same goal in mind as the {UTP}, destroy {WRL}. Sniper started to spy on [V], and while doing so, started to convince Jourian to ally with WRL. Also, the good, wise, powerful, and superior {WRL} member known as Nick112 tried to persuade him too. Nick, Jourian, and Sniper were talking about why they were enemies, and, using their near-divine wisdom, discovered that Jourian didn't actually hate {WRL}, only Stemax. Stemax and Jourian began peace conferences and, with apologies all around, they became allies.

The {CE} clan:

As you all should know, the {WRL} had been struggling for a brief period when it was abandoned by its leaders. During this time, an unknown clan, called {CE}, or clone empire, appeared out of nowhere in an attempt to destroy the {WRL}. One "battle" was created, however it was not condoned by the {WRL}. After a few days, the {CE} collapsed into several warring clans; {DJF}, {RA}, and {DSA}. Each of these clans were now quite weak, and consumed themselves with attempts to destroy each other. Until the clan hears otherwise, they are unconcerned with {WRL} affairs.

The Order of Sion:

Under the leadership of a player who titled himself Otale, this Order arose in an attmpt to rob clans of their leaders and players. Under the cover of universal peace, they asked the leaders of several clans, including the {WRL} to join them. As we now know, this was an attempt to either steal clan's finest players or to unite clans under one banner and one leader. Nick112 was sent in an attempt to figure out what was happening, however before he could, another player by the name of No Name began a series of verbal attacks, revealing all. Soon after this, the Order's leader resigned, putting his sister, Indrid, up in his place. She quickly made No Name a secondary leader, and since then three clans have left the order and its, "Legion" has been disbanded. Currently, it plays a very insignificant role as its leaders rarely appear.

Times change, however, and this clan changed with it. It began to become more peaceful, it truly did seem to want peace. However, a most unfortunate thing happened. It's Grandmaster Indrid, second of that rank, followed the path of her brother. After a leading time of a few weeks, she was forced to leave her "distraction" by outside influences, and left it in the hands of Fabien, once No Name. However, for reasons unknown, the site has shut down, and has not been seen since July of 2006, nor have any Order of Sion members.

The {RC} clan:

Many weeks ago, the {RC} clan erupted into a pugnacious fit. They began posting on The {AC}'s guestbook that if they didn't leave the {WRL}'s side, they would be destroyed. This went on for quite some time, and the {AC} went about posting insulting remarks on the {RC}'s guestbook. However, as time passed, a school of thought arose that believed someone else was writing these insulting things. {RC} continued, however, and this is what has lead us to our current diplomatic states with the two clans. {RC}, however, went through something much the same as the {WRL}. Many of their members left, including one of their leaders. This all began because of a minor dispute between Chu and Link, their leaders. The lesson? Leaders should not fight each other.

After a several month hiatus, Link returned to SWBFII. After a warm greeting by {WRL}Leader.TF, he then proceeded to insult {WRL}, calling it "The noobiest clan ever." After his clan was demolished, he removed it, then referring to us as "HOMO-SAPIENS!!! AAAH!!!!!" After his clan was officially declared dead by TF in late December of 2006, the clan seemed to disappear.

The (ORC) clan:

Once upon a time, we had a small war with a clan known as (ORC). Interestingly enough, they are now our allies. It started one day when a young {WRL} member, known as Bly, went onto the glorious game of Star Wars Battle Front II. He joined a server without his {WRL} name, a server where (DfH) members were recruiting. The (DfH) members present at the time asked him if we wanted to join the (DfH) clan. As joke, he answered with "yes, sure," successfully joining the (DfH) clan. After one hour, however, he informed them of his position in the {WRL}. In addition, he told them that he resigned from (DfH), much to the anger of those who recruited him. He remained on their server, much to their annoyance, and supposedly made himself a general irritation. He eventually caused some WRL members to join up with the (DfH). They successfully infiltrated the clan, and then proceeded to destroy the (DfH). They impersonated, and they made it impossible for true members to have a discussion. As a result of his actions, the DfH collapsed, the remnents of which eventually formed (ORC). At this time, (ORC)leader.Vulcon began posting angry and profane messages on our guestbook, probably in an attempt to fight us and wreak the same havoc on us that some of our members had wrought on them. In the meantime, another player, also titled Bly, was heating things up with angry messages sent to (ORC). This situation persisted for quite some time, however it was eventally reallized that there was indeed a fake Bly, and the situation was resolved. Vulcon eventually left (ORC), and his second in command assumed leadership. Definately not our finest moment, however it is believed that many members had been acting without direction from the leaders.

Times change, and leadership of (ORC) certainly did as well. Vulcon left in order to start {ECA}, leaving the clan under the dubious leadership of Silent. However, Silent disappeared for reasons unbeknownst to to man. After this, (ORC) literally collapsed, and the semi-thriving {ECA} occupied their forums. One day, however, None and Redleader were playing SWBFII, when they realized that a resurrection was in order. So, they fired up (ORC) and moved back onto the forums, technically a new clan with the same name. (ORC) went through another dark time, however, until its leaders became more active, and began recruiting. Thus, Tuk and Mike joined (ORC) as fellow leaders. Mike being from Old (ORC), and Tuk from New (ORC). They proceeded to war with a small clan, and we, being the cousins that we are, supposedly rushed to their aid, helping them to claim victory.

Note: All ORC/ECA history is written together from here down, due to the fact that they are more or less the same.

Wassup, for unfathomable reasons, set up Lord.Wolf as a leader of {ECA} in October of 2006. Shortly thereafter, Wolf claimed that a war had been held, in which 30 {WRL}, includeing T.F., stabbed him in the back, joining his enemies to fight him. Unfortunately, no {WRL} had any knowledge of this incident, nor did any (ORC) or {ECA}, so nothing came of it. After only a few weeks, Wolf appeared on the ORC/ECA forums to say that his disc had broken, and his new one only supported 1.1. He then left ECA to create IMC.

In November of 2006, None perfected the ORC/ECA constitution (available for viewing on their forum) which officially joined the ORC and ECA clans under one government. Creating a Prime Minister and Vice Prime Minister, among others, the Constitution finally brings ORC and ECA together after their split.

The {ECA} Clan

Led by ex-(ORC)Leader.Vulcon, who renamed himself Fire, several (ORC) members fled what appeared to be, and ended up being, a dying clan. However, Vulcon, again, decided to leave ORC, as college called him away. As a result, leadership of ECA passed into the capable hands of Wassup. Wassup realized the dangers of being in 1.1, and quickly moved the clan back to 1.0, in order to save it from destruction. Like Vulcon, however, Wassup decided that the time had come to step down from leadership, leaving it in the hands of Sklob. Wassup remained in the clan, his voice the deciding factor on many issues. Eventually, Wassup deemed it necessary to pick a new leader, Lord.Wolf, who is not to be confused with the LORD.WOLF who attempted to destroy {WRL}. After a few strained moments, such as when Wolf accused {WRL}, and T.F. specifically, of turning traitor in a war, pitting him against 40 ex-allies, relations returned to normal. In fact, Wassup returned to leadership. It is important to note, at this point, that ORC and ECA are brother clans, and fight together always, even against their own allies.

The KRS Space Clan

One day, Sniper and two members of KRS were battling on an all space server. Since Sniper's speciality is space battles, he easily defeated their, "best member". After that, there was talk of combining the two clans, and forming a Space division of {WRL} called KRS. This never happened because the two members failed to contact the leader of KRS. However, they still remain our allies. The idea of a space section of the {WRL} lived on for awhile, however it eventually fell under a barrage of dissent.


A small clan, VMXL had no doubt always wanted to be a part of the internet titans known as the World Rich Leaders. Then, one day in late June, they got their chance. It was decided that they would be allowed to join, however since they wanted to be slightly autonomous, it was decided that all of their names would be, "{WRL}.VT (insert name)." Unfortunately, they wished to recruit people for the VMXL team, and when the leaders decided that such would not be the case, their leader, eVansanity, became furious and left the clan. In hindsight, it is obvious that he wanted to use our name to get new members for his weak clan.


After VMXL's failed merging, they formed a clan known as {BPC}, and allied with another clan known as OwNeD_. Their goal, as so many before them, was to destroy {WRL}. Of course, when they suggested that it be a "disband war" (in which the losing clan disbands), they were immediately scorned by {WRL}. After all, why should we lose so much and gain so little? {BPC}eVansanity, however, still pursued a war for reasons of his own. Perhaps he wishes to prove that he is better then the clan he was once a part of. Whatever the reason, he still demanded one, even a month later in late July.


The aforementioned Darkjootje was, even after the destruction of UTP, not satisfied. His lust was unquenched, so he went on to create the Trade Federation. This, like UTP, did not last long. As Darkjootje was the sole leader of UTP who continued, he was unable to inspire loyalty in his members. After a few weeks of this, x{TF}x died. It's leader, Darkjootje, went on to start V, a clan that no longer causes grief.


The {mmc} clan was spear-headed by two people who left {WRL} for reasons unclear. It's leaders, bcskid and Atabak, seemed to be disillusioned with {WRL}, and decided to start a clan of their own. They exit, however, brings out this important question: why? After all, both were high ranked, and both seemed rather happy with the clan. The only solution that can be arrived upon, then, is that they did it for that siren that is cyber-power. At any rate, as of September 9, 2006, bcskid had dropped off the face of the map, leaving Atabak with the struggling new clan. He then returned several months later, and then proceeded to abandon mmc again to play his Wii. As of December 2006, the clan had gone dormant, Atabak giving up to create a new clan, announced on January 3, 2007, though no word on its progress has been given.


The aforementioned Christian had started up DVA after leaving WRL for the second time, and proceeded to go about declaring war on everyone in sight. Unfortunately, after joining {NE} the Combine, he dragged them into his affairs, primarily a war with TSL. Coming to the {WRL} forums, he demanded that we assist the Combine in a disband war. After we refused, he flew into a fury, and began insulting us. We broke ties with DVA, and began making arrangements for a war in mid December of 2006. Unfortunately, he kept putting it off, and things eventually reached the point where we gave up entirely. After he decided he was an utter failure as a leader, he gave up control of DVA to Skulls and Hunter, his co-leaders.

Troublesome Outsiders

As many are no doubt aware, the clan has currently been given a taste of impersonation. Starting in the middle of May, 2006, many Leaders began to be impersonated. These impersonation proceeded to wreak havoc, attempting to tear down alliances and build up enemies. Aside from impersonations, {WRL}Leader.TF has been having troubles with a certain disgruntled SWBFII player. This liar, titled "thetruth" has been attempting to persuade members of the {WRL} that TF is attempting to destroy the {WRL}, but that he lied about several leaders in order to gain power. Also, he has put forth the ridiculous idea that TF has been associated with the Order of Sion, mentioned above. According to him, TF is in fact No Name, now Fabien, and is proceeding to destroy the Order in addition to the WRL. With absolutely nothing to back him up, his claims have been discarded and ignored.

And now, of course, we come to an angry little player named Rak. He was first encountered around July 20, 2006, impersonating {WRL}Leader.TF. Of course, this was immediately found out the next day when he joined at the same time as the true leader. As a result, he proceeded to change his name to Stemax, and then, finally to Rak. At this point, Rak told us that he had been hired by the [FETT] clan to destroy us, but that they had kicked him out. He also wished to know if we would like anyone destroyed. Deep_thought42 decided that Rak could be useful, and assigned him the task of locating the [FETT] website. However, when Rak gave him some spiel about the site having changed, it was more or less accepted that he was a fraud. Rak then made appearences on our forums, saying that he had been hired by Deep_thought42 to destroy [FETT]. This was corrected, however then Rak proceeded to insult various members, and as a result was banned from the forums. After that, he made threats to hack back in on the guestbook, which resulted in his being banned there as well. Throughout it all, there had been a player called LORD.WOLF who, for some reason, only appeared on servers directly after and directly before Rak. He openly hated {WRL} and threated to destroy us as he had done to other clans. Eventually, he was ignored and booted from the servers, and since then has not made any trouble.

*As named by YillaBillaBAM