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Old School Night!!

03/09/2013 06:00 - 03/09/2013 23:00

Ok so I think TF has bugged me enough. You guys ready to bring it back for one more night?? I would love to see this happen once a month,. but I will take once a year. 

Old School Night

When I say old school night,. that doesn't mean "only" old school games. It means lets get WRL together,. a lot of us and lets play what we have in common, or hell let's just talk, about the good ole times . I would hate to call it a reunion night,. but hell I guess it is what it is. The drinks will flow, the smoke will pass and the games will be had. Who is with me? 

I will make a firm date of March 9th,. ONLY when I get the commitment of certain folks. You will know who you are when you get the message lol. (And then I will post in FB,. the main site,. and really push it.) Everyone start looking at their calendars!! I am giving 3 weeks guys or round about,.. that should be enough to get your shit inline and show up for an hour or more. I will be going all night long  I want everyone there! We have enough vent channels to keep everyone off each others throats lol. Basics games as of now:







etc etc



EC HM Operation - For real this time.

09/09/2012 03:30 - 09/09/2012 06:30

With what I heard was a steller run last Sunday on KP HM, we now have a second healz at full rakata level. With this I feel confident in rolling this one relatively easy.

And with the new operation on it's way,. hell it's about that time. I'm ready for some campaign gear,.. how about you guys?